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Jolly Roger’s Marina
11800 Maumelle Harbor Rd, Roland, AR
October 15th 9:00– Noon
Jane Hurley
More Information:
8th Annual Lake Sweep & Lake Maumelle Watershed Community Cleanup
Lake Sweep Volunteers Needed:
Help keep our watershed, community, and drinking water
clean! Volunteer to pick up trash and do light trail maintenance
around Lake Maumelle. Meet at Jolly Roger’s Marina at 9:00 to
register and receive assignments. The cleanup will end with a
volunteer lunch at the marina at noon.
Community Waste Drop-off:
On October 15th, watershed Residents wishing to drop off
Electronic-waste, Tires, Recycling, and Bulky Waste should
pull up to the designated areas at the Marina and place items in
the marked locations. We cannot accept televisions, monitors,
or glass.


Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the south end of the commuter parking lot at I-630 and Shackleford Road in Little Rock. We will carpool to the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery and meet the Hatchery manager for an overview of their operation and a tour of the facility.  We’ll then scan the fish ponds for shorebirds and ducks. Driving around the ponds is not allowed, but the Hatchery manager will shuttle people who can’t walk the loop up to the observation area.


The group will then caravan to the Oxidation  ponds at the Arkadelphia Sewer Wastewater Plant. The gate will be opened when we arrive and vehicles will be allowed to drive around the ponds. There is a good possibility the Cinnamon Teal seen there last year will return this year.  Both locations will entail standing and level walking on gravel. Bring scopes, snacks, lunch and water.


The Hatchery is located on the southeast end of Lake Hamilton.  Take I-30 west to Exit 97-Hwy. 84, the third Malvern exit.  Turn right onto Hwy. 84. Go 15 miles, turn right onto Hwy. 171.  Go 8 miles, then turn left onto Hwy. 290.  Follow the signs to the Hatchery at 350 Fish Hatchery Rd. Hot Springs.  GPS  34.434912, -93.063199.

To get to the Oxidation  Ponds, drive south through Arkadelphia on Hwy 67. Turn left onto Caddo St. Then turn right onto South 3rd St. The ponds are located at 1675 South 3rd St. approximately 5 miles south of Arkadelphia.  GPS 34.089623, -93.051497.

Speaker: Elizabeth T. Horton, Ph.D., Arkansas Archeological Survey

Because of uniquely well-preserved perishable remains from bluff-shelters and caves, the Ozark Plateau has long been a crucial region for paleoethnobotanists studying the relationship between past peoples and plants. Dr. Horton will present what we know to date about plant fiber use and the fabric technology of Arkansas’ pre-Columbian peoples. She’ll also address the fascinating intersection of Arkansas Indians’ changing foodways in prehistory, the advent of locally domesticated crop plants, the shift to intensive agriculture, and plant fiber use. Finally, she’ll raise important questions about prehistoric landscape management, the creation of anthropogenic landscapes, and even modern questions about the conservation and management of a critical ecological community – the Canebrakes of the Southeast.

Liz Horton grew up in the Missouri Ozarks with her parent’s fascination for both history and botany installed in her at an early age. She received an MA (2003) and PhD (2010) in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis. As an archeologist, She specializes in paleoethnobotany, the study of the relationship between people and plants, and has a special interest in the use of plants for technological purposes. Her dissertation research focused on the fabric technologies (basketry and textiles) and plant fiber use in the Ozark Plateau of Arkansas and Missouri. After completing a post-doc with the Arkansas Archeological Survey in 2010. She was hired as the station archeologist for the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s Toltec Mounds Research Station in 2011, and continues her work on plant fiber use, as well as other issues in the deep-time history of plant use in Arkansas and the broader Southeastern United States.

Location: Fletcher Library off University Avenue at 7 PM.