Society Publications

  • The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, “The Snipe”, you can view approximately 25 years (and growing) of The Snipe here.

Other Publications

  • The American Birding Association Principles of Birding Ethics can be downloaded here.
  • The Arkansas Audubon Society 2015 Field List of Birds. A checklist with arrival and departure dates for the approximately 400 species of birds that have occurred in Arkansas. This information is valuable as it indicates whether a bird you think you are seeing is in the state at the time you are observing it. For example, hummingbirds are not usually in the state during the winter months; however, if you should observe one, careful notes of its field marks should be taken or ,better yet, photographed  and  reported as a “rare” bird to the Arkansas Audubon Society at
  • Not birds but enjoyed by many are butterflies and here is a checklist of those prepared by Herschel Rainey.

The free Adobe Reader which can be used to read the publications above can be downloaded from here.