Cerulean Warbler by Sharen Carter

Cerulean Warbler by Sharen Carter

The Cerulean Warbler has suffered a tremendous decline in numbers because of loss of habitat and its conservation is an issue. It once occurred in the old growth forests of the Mississippi delta of East Arkansas but no longer resides there because of loss of the large trees it prefers. It can still be found in isolated pockets in the Ozarks.

One of the main goals of the Society is to conserve our natural resources. For a listing of the current conservation concerns click on the “Current Issues” link below.

Conservation of our water resources is a significant concern, particularly the clean-up of the streams and rivers in the natural state. For details on this issue click the “Stream Team” link.

As more removal of trees occurs  cavity nesting birds are suffering a loss of their home sites. For details on how you can build proper nesting boxes for homeless birds click on the “Nest Boxes” link.

Perhaps you would like your 11 to 12 year old youngsters to have some education in natural history and conservation. The Halberg Ecology Camp may be what you are looking for. Get all the details by clicking that link.

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