Feeding Birds

Any time is a good time to feed the birds, but in late winter and early spring, the birds may benefit from supplemental feeding because natural food supplies may be exhausted.  Putting out a source of food also brings the birds in closer for the pure pleasure of observation and/or photography.

Birds are classified as seed, fruit, and insect eaters. Some will eat various mixtures of these food categories. So, it depends on which kind of bird you wish to attract as to the type of food you put out for your guests. Click on the suet guide for insect and fruit eaters and the seed guide for finches. Hummingbirds will supplement their natural nectar sources with sugar water feeder. Water is a necessary element in attracting all types of birds and they like it if it is dripping.  If you would like to report the birds you observe at your feeders, join the citizen science project “Project Feederwatch” sponsored by Cornell University’s Laboratory of Ornithology.

Planting for Birds
Seed Feeders
Suet Feeders
Watering Birds

Project Feederwatch