October 10, 2013 – Regular Monthly Meeting

Out of Our Element, Costa Rica
Speaker:  Don Simons and Lori Spencer

Costa Rica is a tropical wonderland for students of natural history. Around 25% of the country is protected natural areas. It is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world.

Lori Spencer and Don Simons enjoyed a visit to Costa Rica in April. Spencer is the author of Arkansas Butterflies and Moths and The Diana Fritillary, Arkansas’s State Butterfly. Simons, an interpreter for Mount Magazine State Park, has been with Arkansas State Parks since 1981, and is a former president of the Arkansas Audubon Society. They will share images and lessons learned on their first trip to Central America.

Location: Fletcher Library.  Time: 7 PM.

September 12, 2013 – Regular Monthly Meeting

Southern Ecuador Birding Tour
Speaker:  Dr. Dan Scheiman

Dan and Samantha Scheiman got a high watching birds in the Ecuadorian Andes this past January 8-21. With help from their expert guides at High Lonesome Tours their group saw 540 bird species. This includes 48 species of hummingbird, 42 species of tanager, 2 umbrellabirds, and the much sought-after Jocotoco Antpitta. Dan will take you on a photo tour of their trip from sea level to nearly 14,000 feet.

Dr. Dan Scheiman is Vice President of ASCA. His day job is Bird Conservation Director of Audubon Arkansas. He and his staff monitor birds and other wildlife, restore habitat, and help Arkansans improve their local environment. He has been birding for over 25 years. In the eight years he has lived in Arkansas he has seen 349 of the 413 bird species documented in the state. Dr. Dan the Bird Man has a B.S. from Cornell University, M.S. from Eastern Illinois University, and Ph.D. from Purdue University.

Location: Fletcher Library.  Time: 7 PM.