April 8, 2021 Science on the Antarctic Peninsula

Dr. J.D. Gantz, Hendrix College

Dr. Gantz will share what life is like working as a scientist in the US Antarctic Program along the Antarctic Peninsula. This includes discussion of the ecology and natural history of the region, exploration of the flora and fauna in the area, discussion about the amenities and day-to-day life, and brief examination of Dr. Gantz’s research on the only insect native to that continent. 

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Dr. J.D. Gantz grew up in northeastern Ohio. After graduating from Mount Union College, he joined the Laboratory of Ecophysiological Cryobiology at Miami University (Ohio) to study how insects survive a variety of environmental stresses, with a particular focus on chilling, freezing, and dehydration. The Antarctic midge, Belgica antarctica, was among his primary study subjects, which gave him a chance to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to collect and study these remarkably stress tolerant animals. After earning his PhD in 2018 he started as an assistant professor of physiology in the Department of Biology and Health Sciences at Hendrix College. He continues to research the physiology of invertebrates that live in polar regions and other extreme environments, and to collaborate with many amazing students while working in Antarctica and Alaska.

March 11, 2021 The Pigeon: Friend, Worker, and Warrior

Jane Gulley

This month we continue our praise for the pigeon. Throughout history, the Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) has been treasured as a source of companionship and protein, admired and utilized for its unique navigational and athletic abilities, and even worshiped as a timeless symbol of God’s grace. Today, it may be more maligned than it deserves. Jane Gulley will teach us about the role pigeons have played in our societies, and renew our sense of appreciation for the pigeon. She’ll show a short video.

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Jane Gulley is a long-time ASCA member and past president. After getting degrees from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and Memphis University, she taught high school American History and English. Later started a program on the conservation of bald eagles that became a nationwide model, for which she was inducted into the Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame. In addition to eagles, she raised pigeons for 34 years and competed with racing pigeons and in National Pigeon Association sanctioned pigeon shows.