Lake Maumelle and Two Rivers Park AR, February 14

February 13-16 is the world-wide Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC).  Participate in this annual event by joining our field trip and helping count birds.  Meet at the Jolly Rogers Marina on Lake Maumelle at 8:00 a.m.  Loons, mergansers, ducks, and grebes are easily found on the lake this time of year.  We’ll then caravan to Two Rivers Park and walk the big field and horse trail.  This area has a diverse population of sparrows and provides a great opportunity to work on identifying those “little brown birds”.  Knee-high rubber boots are recommend because of the copious sand burrs in the field.  Bring water, snacks, and your scope if you have one.  We should finish around noon.

If you can’t join the field trip, participate in the GBBC by counting the birds in your yard and submitting your sightings to the GBBC website at

Directions to Jolly Rogers Marina—the marina is approximately 10 miles west of Little Rock on Hwy. 10.  Turn right at the white and black Jolly Rogers Marina entrance sign and drive down to the boat launch area.  The marina address is 11800 Maumelle Harbour Rd., Roland, AR.

February 12, 2015 – Regular Monthly Meeting

February 12, 2015 – The Beautiful Baltimore Checkerspot


Speaker: Stephen Robertson, UALR


     The black-and-orange Baltimore Checkerspot is a rare beauty found in several northern Arkansas counties, where its caterpillars specialize on False Foxglove. Come learn about this striking species’ interesting life history traits that help it survive.


     While growing up in the Air Force, Stephen Robertson resided in four states, but spent the first years of his life in Aviano, Italy. He grew up with a fascination for insects. This led to studying entomology in college. He is currently an M.S. student at UALR, and intends to get a Ph.D. in Ecology with the aim of becoming a professor. Research is his great passion, and he hopes to continue doing so for as long as his body will allow.