February 9, 2023 Basics of Native Bee Biology

Coleman Little, University of Central Arkansas

Coleman Little will cover some of the common and interesting groups of bees you are likely to come across in Arkansas. He will also talk about the different ways that native bees nest and forage, with some advice on how to promote native bees on your property. Lastly, he will cover the broad range of social behaviors that bees exhibit. You’ll want to bee there for this presentation!

Coleman Little was born and raised in Arkansas. He received a B.S. in Environmental Science – Biology in 2010 from the University of Central Arkansas, and an M.S. in Biology from UCA as well, in 2013. For his masters he designed and executed his own experiment analyzing the community structure of the Jewell Moore Nature Reserve on UCA’s campus and comparing it to one of Conway’s city parks and the Cherokee Prairie Natural Area near Charleston AR. In doing this work he discovered that there had been next to no research on native bees in Arkansas, so he has made it his goal to better understand them and educate the public about them. He is currently on faculty in UCA’s Biology department and operates a lab with a couple students, working with Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, Central Arkansas Water, and others to document bees throughout Arkansas. He is also a PhD student at the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture in the Entomology and Plant Pathology department, looking at how management (roadsides, natural areas, wildlife areas) impacts bee communities in different parts of the state.

7PM via Zoom