Field Trip – October 26 – Bell Slough South AGFC Wildlife Management Area

Mayflower, Faulkner Co.

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the South (boardwalk) entrance into the Bell Slough Wildlife Management Area (WMA) off Hwy. 365.  Bell Slough is a mix of ecosystems consisting of 2,040 acres of woodlands and wetlands situated between Little Rock and Mayflower/Falkner Co.  With extended spring flooding bringing in fresh nutrients to the moist soil units and recent work completed by AGFC with disking and planting a supplemental cover crop, the units will provide an attractive waterfowl feeding area for the fall and winter.

There are 117 species of birds documented for the WMA, including the waterfowl resting habitat.  Our target birds will be migrating ducks, Sora and American Bittern, wading birds such as egrets and herons, and also wintering passerines.  The Kenny Vernon Nature Trail winds through the wooded area and consists of three connecting trails, ranging in length from about a half-mile to 2 1/4 miles.  There is a nice mix wildflowers, which attracts numerous butterflies.  Wear study walking shoes.  Walking will be on unpaved, mostly level paths.  This will be a morning trip.

From Little Rock, go west on I-40.  Exit I-40 at Mayflower (Exit 135) and turn east (right) at the light onto Hwy. 89.  Then turn south (right) just past the commuter parking lot onto the service road.  Follow the service road paralleling I-40, then veer right at the fork.  Follow this road until you cross the Palarm Creek bridge.  Turn left into the WMA parking lot.