Monthly Meeting – July 11 – Documentary: Urban and Suburban Meadows

By Katherine Zimmerman, Director/Producer/Author, The Meadow Project 

“Urban and Suburban Meadows” is a film aimed at helping people just say NO to thirsty, pesticide ridden, energy consuming lawns. It is a 60 minute video that offers the tools to create living, sustainable, organic landscapes in backyards, schoolyards, churches and communities.  It features landscaping and entomology experts in meadow and prairie establishment details meadow preparation, design, use of native plants, planting and maintenance. This video will be screened at the Little Rock Audubon Center, 4500 Springer Blvd.

The Meadow Project’s mission is to educate and raise awareness about sustainable, native, healthy, easy and affordable land care practices that support wildlife and human life. Learn more at 

At Audubon Arkansas at 7 PM.