Monthly Meeting – February 9, 2017 – Bugweiser and IHOP: The Frogs and Toads of Little Rock

Speaker: Bear Starr, Arkansas Master Naturalist & Frog Watch USA Coordinator
The names “Bugweiser” and “IHOP” are two of the memory aides that
Bear uses to keep straight the difference between a frog and a toad. Bear
will use these and other memory aids as a fun way to help you learn to ID
the species of frogs and toads that live in the Little Rock area. In addition,
he will discuss how frogs and toads are indicator species for the health of
local ecosystems, and describe the many benefits that frogs and toads bring
to the local environment.
Bear Starr moved to Hot Springs Village in February 2014 from
Virginia. His interest in all things reptile and amphibian started as a typical
10-year-old boy terrorizing local critters. He joined Audubon in the early
70s in central Florida when the local board of directors wanted someone
with a herpetology background. He continues to be an avid birder to this
day. Bear was a certified Virginia Master Naturalist and is now a certified
Arkansas Master Naturalist, often volunteering at Lake Ouachita State Park.
He is also the Diamond Lakes Chapter Coordinator for Frog Watch USA in
Arkansas, a citizen science program that monitors the health of frog and
toad populations.

Meeting will be at the Fletcher Library at 7 PM.