August 11, 2016 – The Impact of Mutual Interest in Direct Advocacy

Speaker: Sarah Scanlon

As people we relate to the world based on our issues, our interests, and our values. When we are advocating for or against a particular issue we often miss the mark because we don’t make the connection for the listener between how what we are asking for matches their issue, interests or values. All too often we feel as though we are yelling into the wind and we can’t understand why people don’t just listen to what we say. Together we can work on what that looks like when we are talking about the environment and specifically Audubon’s priorities.

Sarah Scanlon most recently served as the National Director of Outreach for the LGBT Community and the Arkansas State Director for Bernie 2016 Campaign. She has served as the State Director for the Arkansas Voter Registration Project and State Director for Give Arkansas A Raise. Both projects were focused on increasing registered voters in the African American communities and then turning them out to vote on economic issues in Arkansas. She has also worked with Wellstone Action, a nonprofit based in St. Paul Minnesota with a mission to ignite leadership in people, and power in communities, to win change in the progressive tradition of Paul and Sheila Wellstone. Her primary focus was training activists and potential political candidates on how to run and win effective elections. Sarah has a long history of working on political campaigns all over the country, working on union organizing campaigns all over the country, and building collaborative efforts to influence and create good public policy. When not on the road agitating for progressive change she lives in North Little Rock with her wife and young daughter.