Field Trip Report

With the severe threat of rain, I didn’t expect many birders to show for the ASCA field trip at Gillam Park just south of Little Rock.  However, close to twenty-five adventurous birders appeared. Off we went in the poor light and drizzle.  Finally found two mixed feeding flocks.  Best warblers were Bay-breasted, Chestnut-sided, Canada, Magnolia, Black-throated Green, Yellow-throated, Yellow, American Redstart, Northern Parula, and Ovenbird.  Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Red-eyed and White-eyed Vireos serenaded us us we walked the trail.  Kingfishers and  Wood Ducks were our bayou birds.

After a stop at the Little Rock Audubon Center to see their new native plantings and exhibits, we headed to the industrial park south of the airport.  We found several Western Kingbirds.  It seems there is an increasing number of nesting pairs.  The male Painting Buntings were a no-show. but a female Painting Bunting was seen. Other good birds were Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, plus several Eastern Kingbirds.

We didn’t get the fallout of birds we expected from the weather, but we still had a great time
Karen Holliday
Field Trip Coordinator