April 9, 2015 – Regular Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Chris Hiryak, Director, Little Rock Urban Farming

Topic: Urban agriculture as a mechanism for building vibrant healthy communities

Little Rock Urban Farming (LRUF) is a community based food enterprise located in the heart of Little Rock. LRUF is dedicated to urban organic food production and the urban agrarian lifestyle. Their new farmer incubator program trains people in the production, marketing and distribution of organic fruits, flowers and vegetables. Their Community Supported Agriculture program provides a fresh basket of produce and flowers to their shareholders every week during the growing season. Learn more about this unique urban enterprise and why local food is good for you and our community.

Chris Hiryak is an organic farmer, pragmatic food activist, minimalist, artist, and yoga practitioner from Little Rock. In 2009 he was accepted into a leadership program at the Division of Agriculture at the University of Arkansas. There he learned about economics, politics, industry and agriculture in communities throughout the state. At the same time, he immersed himself in organic farming through an apprenticeship program at Dripping Springs Garden, an organic farm in the Ozarks. Organic farming started as a hobby, became a passion, and has been an obsession ever since