September 11, 2014 – Regular Monthly Meeting

Baltimore Checkerspots

Speaker: Stephen Robertson, UALR

Location: Little Rock Audubon Center.  Time: 7 PM.

The black-and-orange Baltimore Checkerspot is a rare beauty found in several northern Arkansas counties, where its caterpillars specialize on False Foxglove. Come learn about this striking species’ interesting life history traits that help it survive.
While growing up in the Air Force, Stephen Robertson resided in four states, but spent the first years of his life in Aviano, Italy. He grew up with a fascination for insects. This led to studying entomology in college. He is currently an M.S. student at UALR, and intends to get a Ph.D. in Ecology with the aim of becoming a professor. Research is his great passion, and he hopes to continue doing so for as long as his body will allow.