August 14, 2014 – Regular Monthly Meeting

The Many Benefits of Volunteering … Where Could You Fit In?

Speaker: Norm Berner, Little Rock Parks & Recreation Department

There are countless outdoor and environmental issues all across the City of Little Rock that urgently need to be addressed. Even with the passage of the Sales Tax Initiative in the fall of 2011, there simply aren’t enough funds to even put a dent in most of these needs. Find out what some of these needs are and how a small group of volunteers have been making a difference, while learning how your own volunteer efforts could be put to great use.

Norm Berner grew up in a small northern Ohio community. He volunteered for the US Air Force during the Viet Nam War and worked in the European Theater for three years with other NATO members. Afterwards he graduated from Bowling Green State University, then worked in electrical engineering in the private sector before moving to Little Rock in 1997. He now works for the City of Little Rock as the first Volunteer Park Ranger Program Coordinator. Volunteering has become Norm’s primary focus and passion. Organizations he currently volunteers for include: Meadowcliff/ Brookwood Neighborhood Association, Little Rock Team Neighborhoods USA, Arkansas Urban Forestry Council, Keep Little Rock Beautiful, AGFC Stream Team, Central Arkansas Trail Alliance, and the Friends of Fourche Creek.

Location: Litte Rock Audubon Center.  Time: 7 PM.