June 12, 2014 – Regular Monthly Meeting

Effects of Noise from Natural Gas Extraction on Forest Birds in the Fayetteville Shale

Speakers: Meghan McFadden and Maureen McClung, Hendrix College

Compressor stations used in the process of hydraulic fracturing generate chronic noise that can impede the ability of birds to communicate. Our study assessed how community composition and song structure were affected in forest birds during the 2013 breeding season. We found that bird communities and certain elements of bird songs were different near noisy compressors compared to less noisy well pads. Our findings suggest that chronic noise from gas development has the potential to change communities and communication in the short term.

Meghan McFadden of Cabot is a rising junior in the Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology program at Hendrix College. Dr. Maureen McClung, originally from Eureka Springs, is her advisor and an Assistant Professor of Biology at Hendrix. Both are past recipients of grants from the Arkansas Audubon Society Trust.

Location: Fletcher Library.  Time: 7 PM.