November 9, Regular Monthly Meeting at Fletcher Library 7PM

Devin Moon, Interpreter, Logoly State Park
Arkansas:  A Land of Damsels and Dragons
Damselflies and dragonflies have inspired humans for centuries, with their brilliant colors and graceful, yet agile, flight.  Arkansas, with its variety of eco-regions, has over 140 recorded species of these fascinating insects Come and learn about these winged works of art and explore the habitats and locales that they call home.
Devin Moon has been a park interpreter at Logoly State Park since 2015. He as a B. S. from Arkansas Tech University.  Devin thoroughly enjoys seeking out birds, bugs, plants, and other forms of wildlife.  At Logoly he has inherited the responsibility of a natural resource inventory, which gives him the opportunity to immerse himself in Arkansas’s marvelous Gulf Coastal Plain ecosystem.  


October 12, Regular Meeting – Traveling Through Historic Arkansas

Speakers: Dottie and Doris Boyles

On October 15, 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) into law. The act created state historic preservation offices – including the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP), agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage – to coordinate preservation efforts and administer federal historic preservation programs. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, the AHPP sponsored the Arkansas National Register Passport Program, which invites those adventurous enough to visit 26 historic stamping stations around the state. Doris and Dottie managed to visit all 26 locations in eight months.

Dottie works for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. Her hobbies over the years have included hiking, painting, collecting, and making things. While she has always been interested in birds, she didn’t become a serious birder until 2000.

Doris is an avid quilter and gardener, retired American Iris Society Judge, and collector of many things. She has been a serious birder since 2000.


Meeting will be at 7 PM at the Fletcher Library.