Darrel R. Meyerdirk

November 2, 1937 – October 25, 2017

     Darrel Richard Meyerdirk passed away quietly at Lakewood Rehabilitation Center on Thursday, October 25, 2017, following a lengthy illness, just a few days before his 80th birthday. He was born in Minot, North Dakota, to the late Perry Alvin and Hazel Ann Christianson Meyerdirk. He was preceded in death by one brother, Jess Alvin, and two sisters, Amelia Mary Long and Marlene Ardis Riggs.

     He grew up in Modesto, California, and graduated from Modesto High School. Following graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and proudly served for 6 years, most of which was at Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) in Jacksonville. During his tenure at LRAFB, he met the love of his life, Carol Dodd. The couple later married and celebrated 56 years together.

     Darrel is survived by his wife, Carol, and two children: Karl Meyerdirk of Little Rock and Karen Meyerdirk Liggett of Reston, VA; three grandchildren Everett, Carter, and Allison Leggett.

     Darrel worked for Western Electric and related subsidiary companies for 29 years as an installer and technician. Travels with the company took him to many parts of the United States installing the first fiber optic cables.

     He was an avid fisherman and knew all of the lakes in central Arkansas. He could catch fish when no one else was getting a bite. Darrel loved to share his bounty with his Sunday School Class, Friends-in-Faith, at Trinity United Methodist Church. 

     Darrel was a current ASCA Board Member and participated in many of ASCA’s monthly field trips.

     A celebration of Darrel’s life was held at Trinity United Methodist Church on Saturday, October 28.


November 9, Regular Monthly Meeting at Fletcher Library 7PM

Devin Moon, Interpreter, Logoly State Park
Arkansas:  A Land of Damsels and Dragons
Damselflies and dragonflies have inspired humans for centuries, with their brilliant colors and graceful, yet agile, flight.  Arkansas, with its variety of eco-regions, has over 140 recorded species of these fascinating insects Come and learn about these winged works of art and explore the habitats and locales that they call home.
Devin Moon has been a park interpreter at Logoly State Park since 2015. He as a B. S. from Arkansas Tech University.  Devin thoroughly enjoys seeking out birds, bugs, plants, and other forms of wildlife.  At Logoly he has inherited the responsibility of a natural resource inventory, which gives him the opportunity to immerse himself in Arkansas’s marvelous Gulf Coastal Plain ecosystem.